Secondary Learning Materials

EDM Producer Project: Secondary 5 Sound Engineering

For this assignment, the students were to create a one minute composition based on different musical forms learned in class. The composition included a written melody created in a MIDI track by the student, as well as an arranger track which outlined the form of the composition. Four GarageBand loops were to be used, and a reflection was written explaining their creative process.

Student Samples

Lesson Plan and Student Document

Airship For Band Warm Up Exercise: Secondary 3 Concert Band

Having heard some Mario songs being played by some of the students when the class was first unpacking their instruments, I thought it would be effective to arrange a Mario song for the whole class. I chose this piece in particular because it features lots of held notes at the beginning, and allows for articulation at the end. By relating to the students interests, I feel that this piece served as an excellent warm up before instruction was given.

Christmas Concert Programme

Teacher Parent Correspondence