Primary Learning Materials

Classroom Management

During my fourth field experience, my cooperating teacher and I were experiencing some difficulty in regards to classroom management in the Cycle 1 grades. There were many students in one particular class with behavior issues that were constantly interrupting the class due to their personal space being invaded. To remedy this situation, my cooperating teacher and I came up with the idea to paint yellow and blue dots on the floor organized in a way in which the students who were known to create problems with one another had their own personal space and were divided by a well behaved student. On each cycle 1 attendance sheet, we marked yellow and blue beside each name.  Although not every class needed this system, we felt that implementing it for every class was fair and would not be challenged by the students if they were to talk to each other about it outside of class.

Let's Cover A Song: Cycle 3 Degree 1 Music

This lesson was done during my second field experience.  It describes to the students how a cover song is made, and allows the students to cover a simplified version of a song they are familiar with in an Orff style teaching method. Boom-whackers, Bells, and percussion instruments are used to cover the song "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift.

Music Appreciation - Peter and the Wolf: Cycle 3 Degree 1 Music

This lesson was done during my fourth field experience.  Using which is a browser embedded digital audio workstation, the students were to record their own voices using Chromebooks to describe the music they were hearing. 

Grade 4 - 6 Resource Binder

This resource binder contains songs and lesson plans for elementary music employing Koldaly, Orff, and other music education philosophies. This resources contains materials for elementary education in regards to musical material organized by grade and concept.