Philosophy of Education

Music is a universal language that exists from end to end in our universe. Most people can relate to music. It makes them feel a certain way when they hear their favourite melody. It makes their head bob when they get into a groove. When teaching music, finding that inner spark of passion is essential to relate to in order to promote life long learning. Relating to students interests and building off of them is conducive to creating a snowball effect; the thirst for more knowledge.

It's easy to learn anything if it's fun to do. Music can be extremely fun, but has the potential to get bogged down in dry, but useful theoretical knowledge. The application of this knowledge in various musical settings is essential to keeping students engaged, and wanting to learn more. When they're engaged, they'll have an emotional connection to the music. That feeling will begin to grow on them, which will foster even more musical situations. Sharing musical ideas and discovering music with others has led to some of the deepest human relationships I've experienced. Music has the power to truly bring us together. Those who are passionate enough to develop their musical knowledge have the potential to connect with others at a very deep level.

Technology is advancing exponentially. Music that is being created in bedrooms is now transmitted online to many listeners everyday across the world. The science of sound and how it can be created on any personal computer is an incredible feat of technology, and I feel that that students of music should be introduced to how this creation process can happen. Many youth are inclusively listening to electronic music today. Relating the works of the master composers to the creation of something they are familiar with would be a considerable success in the music classroom.

While many genres of music can be drastically different from one another, I believe it is all interconnected and it is possible for everyone to connect to music.  I will promote an open and accepting atmosphere for the students to express their feelings towards music and information they are presented with. I will create a logical path of presenting information that helps keep all students engaged and free of distraction. There are many different aspects of how music can be presented in the classroom. While it can be overwhelming, I intend to take advantage of this in order to keep lessons fresh and stimulating for the students.