Philosophy of Education

I believe that music is a universal language that has an infinite existence. It should be presented to all students in a way that can be related to on an individual basis. While this may prove to be difficult in large group settings, I believe that it can be accomplished by presenting music in a way that relates to something the students have previous knowledge of, and challenge them by extending this knowledge into something they do not know yet. With music being as diverse as it is, it can be represented in a multitude of ways. This can range from theoretical knowledge, to the creation of music. The way in which the musical knowledge is connected and represented will stimulate the minds of the students and ignite the flame that leads to the thirst for more knowledge.

Creation and application of knowledge by the students is an essential process that initiates a personal and emotional connection to the material that is presented. Sharing of ideas and contributing to pieces of musical work develops the students ability to develop excellent personal skills, communication, and leadership skills. The gratification of having worked on something and seeing a product of what they have learned will develop the motivation for them to continue learning music. Another aspect of inspiration which leads to creation is the appreciation of music itself. By getting to know the students in my class, I will present them with music that relates to their interests while pushing the envelop to explore more about how and why this music sounds a particular way, how it was written, as well as the different instrumental techniques needed to play the material.

Technology is advancing exponentially, and I believe that students should be continuously learning about how it can be related to what they are learning at any given moment. Music that is being created in bedrooms is now transmitted online to many listeners everyday across the world. The science of sound and how it can be created on any personal computer is an incredible feat of technology, and I feel that that students should be introduced to how this creation process can happen. Many youth are inclusively listening to electronic music today. Relating the works of the master composers to the creation of something they are familiar with would be a considerable success in the music classroom.

While many genres of music can be drastically different from one another, I believe it is all interconnected and it is possible for everyone to connect to music.  I will promote an open and accepting atmosphere for the students to express their feelings towards music and information they are presented with. I will create a logical path of presenting information that helps keep all students engaged and free of distraction. There are many different aspects of how music can be presented in the classroom. While it can be overwhelming, I intend to take advantage of this in order to keep lessons fresh and stimulating for the students.