"Opus" is my first release with the production music house RVRSPlay.  It features elegant and deeply emotional cues that evoke images of a more sophisticated time period. All tracks feature a perfect blend of strings and piano.

"New Horizons" is my second release and debut full length with the production music house RVRSPlay. It features futuristic textures with an orchestral atmosphere. All tracks are ready to be licensed for any sci-fi leaning movie or video game trailer.

This Guitar Center ad campaign features my track "Blitzkrieg". These 14 second ad spots were featured nationwide in the US.

At LANDR I was often tasked for creating the music for ad campaigns, as well as go-to-market product videos. On the left is the feature video for LANDR FX, a suite of one knob mixing plugins. I used the plugins to score to the video, matching the turning knobs by automating a preset with an appropriate instrument. To the right is LANDR Chromatic, a loop based virtual instrument. I exclusively used the instrument to create a track to serve as inspiration for the video concept, as well as the pacing of the edit.