As a content creator and strategist, I thrive by creating clear and compelling content that drives brand growth and product learnings.
Below are some examples of my work on long form video, blog and social media.

Shure Microphones commissioned my team to create a five video series in support of their ‘Find Your Voice’ campaign. I worked with Shure choosing the topics, writing the scripts, and selecting the talent. The series takes you from choosing a microphone to recording and mixing vocals. The most popular video of the series “How To Easily Mix Vocals Like A PRO (Start To Finish)” has amassed more than a quarter of a million views in one year.

I’m open and confident educating viewers on camera. This playlist contains videos featuring myself in organic content, paid ads, product demos and social posts.

I’m a storyteller at heart. In “What is Mastering” I managed the scripting, talent and overall narrative to create a vox-style edutainment video explaining the process of audio mastering in a fun and engaging way.

Below are high ranking blog posts I wrote for the LANDR Blog that educate musicians about music theory, music production, and creativity. The topics were chosen by conducting keyword research that aligned with the companies mission, values and products.