Content Marketing

At LANDR Audio I was given the opportunity to grow their YouTube channel by designing content with the in-house video team. The videos help musicians stay creative and and learn about music, while incorporating LANDR products when applicable. Within 2 years I was able to help grow the channel from 12,000 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers, making it the companies largest organic acquisition channel.

Many of the videos hold valuable positions on Google’s search engine results page for strategic keywords, as well as top positions on the YouTube search engine. I also contributed to the LANDR Blog, where I wrote top performing blog posts based on strategic keywords and SEO research. When appropriate, I would create video content to support the post helping both mediums perform on the Google and YouTube SERP.


This five part series commissioned by Shure Microphones was used to support their ‘Find Your Voice’ campaign. For this campaign, I was asked to choose the topics, write the scripts, and select the talent. On set, I setup the audio for the shoot, as well as helped direct the on camera talent. I also wrote the music that is used throughout the series. The series takes you all the way from choosing a microphone, to recording and mixing vocals. The most popular video of the series “How To Easily Mix Vocals Like A PRO (Start To Finish)” has amassed a quarter of a million views since May 2021.

In addition to research and scripting for video, I was also one of the main personalities featured on the LANDR YouTube channel. The playlist to the left contains all the video’s I was featured in, including paid ads and product demos.

The core product at LANDR is their proprietary automated mastering service. In this video we explained what mastering is in an engaging vox-style format, as a mid funnel piece of content that appears when you search “What is mastering?”. Educating users about mastering makes LANDR a trusted source. This makes their mastering service top of mind to the viewers of the video who are looking to have their music mastered.


Below are samples of high ranking blog posts I wrote that educate people about music theory, music production, and creativity. All topics place LANDR at the forefront, while providing value to the reader. I discovered the topics while conducting keyword research with tools like: Keywords Everywhere and AhRefs. The LANDR Blog runs on WordPress.