Platform Rationale

I have decided to use to create my website and e-portfolio because I have used WordPress in the past to design and create a website for a musical group I am in. While it takes some getting used to at first, WordPress offers so many incredible features. It's free open source base allows for many free and usable themes, plugins and media available for all. The absolute selling point for WordPress is the absence of advertising. As long as you are able to host the content yourself, the website is free of ads and banners. The hosting I use is at which is a pay for what you use hosting service.

The theme within WordPress I decided to use is called "Sydney", and have installed a plugin called "Page Builder" by Site Origin. These two free software packages allow me to create my site on a drag and drop basis, with little coding experience required. Page Builder has many different templates you can use to gather some inspiration of how you would like each page to be set up. This can be seen on my home page.

Wordpress is also known to have great security so your website is protected while it is published online. As I mentioned above, there are many plugins available for security as well. One of the plugins I am utilizing is Akismet Anti-Spam. It protects your site from spam attacks.