Montreal-based guitarist and composer Anthony Albanese is quickly establishing himself as a well rounded and experienced musician and teacher. Having grown as a musician with several influences, Anthony strives for a unique voice that will fulfill many different genres. Growing up in the Niagara region, Anthony began playing with others in the community at an early age forming many different projects. He found himself indulged in the guitar, attempting to absorb many techniques and sounds to apply to the groups he was playing with. This led him to release 3 independent CD's and completed an eastern Canada tour with the metal band "Elements". In 2006, Anthony enrolled in Mohawk College's music diploma program where he began studying jazz guitar with Bob Shields, and had the opportunity to study under the direction of Dave McMurdo, Mike Malone, Adrean Farrugia, and Darcy Hepner.

After graduating from Mohawk with honours in 2009 Anthony felt compelled to travel the world while playing music. This led him to work for two major cruise lines visiting many exotic places around the world. Returning to land, Anthony quickly established himself as a go-to guitarist, performing with bands such as the hip-hop/funk band "My Son The Hurricane", and the renowned Canadian Celtic Rock group "Mudmen". Anthony also decided to return to school at this time attending York University in 2011 where he had the opportunity to hold the York University Big Band guitar position for two years.

In 2016, Anthony decided to pursue a Bachelors of Music Education at McGill University which led him to move to a city he always adored; Montreal. McGill's intensive course load for advanced placement students led Anthony to learn almost every instrument of the symphony orchestra at a basic level. Anthony joined LANDR in 2019 which allowed him to combine his passions for technology and music production. Anthony currently produces music for the music production house RVRSPlay.